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At Mount Nittany Health Pediatrics, we’re here to encourage the healthy growth and development of your kids. This is your online source to learn about our team and offices, and to help you teach your children about the importance of being healthy and what it’s like to go to the doctor’s office. Our Kid Zone is full of age-appropriate activities that teach children about living well and getting well. Let’s grow together!

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It's time to go to the doctor! i

Some kids are nervous to visit the doctor and some are excited! Going to the doctor’s office is needed so doctors and nurses can check your growing body and make sure you’re healthy. When you don’t feel well, your doctor helps you get better by figuring out what’s wrong and possibly giving you medicine. 
When you get in the car to go to the doctor’s office, talk to your parents about how neat it will be to see how much you’ve grown and what you can do to be healthy!

Jimmy the Jellyfish!

The doctor will see you now!

You'll meet many nice people! i

When you get to the doctor’s office, you’ll meet a bunch of new people. When you check in, say “Hi” and give a friendly wave!
When the nurse calls your name, raise your hand and smile—it’s your turn! Your nurse will get you ready to meet the doctor and ask you how you’re feeling. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Mom or Dad will go with you. You get to visit the doctor together!

Scales, stethoscopes and sniffles, oh my! i

During your appointment, nurses and doctors will use all kinds of tools to check if you’re healthy and how your body is growing. Some of their tools have funny names, like a stethoscope. (It sounds like a dinosaur’s name, doesn’t it?)

Each tool is used to check a different part of your body—they’ll even look up your nose!

Don’t be shy! i

Nurses and doctors are great listeners! They like to ask questions to get to know you, like if you have any brothers and sisters or pets.

Always tell them truth and don’t forget to tell them what you enjoy doing, like playing soccer, drawing or catching frogs. Nurses and doctors love to learn about your favorite foods, too!

Follow the doctor's orders! i

Sometimes your doctor will tell you to take medicine to get better. It’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions so you can feel better quickly!

You can also do things to help you stay healthy, like eating fruits and veggies, playing outside and washing your hands!


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